Venezuela Reopens Borders, Colombia Braces for Migrant Influx

Aid workers in Colombia said shelters are now preparing for the influx of impoverished migrants arriving on foot after President Nicolas Maduro reopened the Venezuelan’s side of the border with Colombia early this month. 

“Without doubt, this reopening is going to increase the migratory flow, which will suggest more people walking,” International Rescue Committee (IRC) filed manager Juanita Bedoya said.

Bedoya added that many migrants walked to destinations in Colombia or even further in ragged clothes and holes in their shoes and would often drag suitcases and care for children, who are vulnerable to hunger, dehydration, violence, and discrimination.

According to migration authorities, their office has registered almost 130,000 Venezuelan children aged four and under last year.

More than 1.3 million migrants who arrived in Colombia before January 31, 2021, have applied for a 10-year special visa, and some 320,000 would soon get Colombian ID cards.

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