US, Palestinian Officials Hold First Meeting After Five Years

After five years without scheduled talks, the US and Palestinian officials met virtually on Tuesday to renew the US-Palestinian Economic Dialogue, the US Department of State in a statement.

“The first such meeting in five years, this senior-level dialogue brought together a wide range of agencies and ministries from the US government and the Palestinian Authority to discuss current and future areas of economic cooperation,” the statement added.

During opening remarks, US Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Yael Lempert underscored the Biden-Harris Administration’s belief that the Palestinian people deserve to live in freedom, security, and prosperity. 

She noted, “Growing the Palestinian economy will also play a critical role in advancing our overarching political goal: a negotiated two-state solution, with a viable Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel.”

The participants recognized the importance of restored political and economic relations between the US government and the Palestinian Authority and pledged to expand and deepen cooperation and coordination across a range of sectors, according to the statement.

The two sides also discussed key topics, including infrastructure development, access to US markets, US regulations, free trade, financial issues, renewable energy and environmental initiatives, connecting Palestinian and American businesses, and addressing obstacles to Palestinian economic development, it added.

The US government outlined programs that could support the Palestinian Authority’s efforts towards financial issues, trade, and promoting foreign direct investment, it added. 

This year’s dialogue was a testament to the importance of US-Palestinian economic relations and the opportunity to increase collaboration on economic issues of shared importance, it added. 


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