US Diplomat Detained Over Alleged Forging Passport in Turkey

Turkish authorities arrested an American diplomat working at the US consulate in Beirut, for allegedly helping a Syrian national fly to Germany on a fake diplomatic passport.

Daily News reported that the diplomat has been accused of selling a fake $10,000 passport to a Syrian national.

An Istanbul Security Directorate statement on Wednesday confirmed the arrest of a US diplomat who was caught by a security camera while meeting with the Syrian national in the airport.

“Camera footage showed the American diplomat meeting with the Syrian national and exchanging clothes. It is believed the passport was handed over during the meeting,” said the directorate. 

According to the statement, the police started to search the American diplomat where they found $10,000 in an envelope and a passport in his name.

On November 11, Turkish police arrested another Syrian national who tried to fly to Germany using a passport belonging to a US diplomat based in Lebanon. 

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