US Dept. of Labor Releases Unemployment Figures for November

The US Department of Labor has released unemployment figures for the week ending November 13.

Seasonal Adjusted claims have decreased by just a thousand to 268,000 in just a week while the seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was also down 1.5 percent from 2.1.

Unadjusted figures have also gone down with 238,850 for claims under state programs and the unadjusted insured unemployment rate was down to 1.3 percent.

The total number of continued weeks claimed for benefits in all programs for the week ending October 30 has risen to 3,184,657.

UI benefits for former Federal civilian employees have decreased while those for veterans have increased by just 20.

DC has topped the highest insured unemployment rates while Oregon came in last.

Kentucky had the highest increases in initial claims while California had the largest decrease.

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