United States Offers $10M Bounty on Colonial Pipeline Hackers

The US Secretary of State has authorized a bounty of up to $10million for information about leaders of the cybercrime group DarkSide,

The $10million is the largest bounty ever offered for the arrest of a specific cyber-criminal.

The DarkSide hacking group is responsible for the May, 2021 ransomware attack that disabled the 5,500 mile-long Colonial Pipeline.  

The pipeline carries 45% of the fuel on the US east coast. 

The cyber-attack caused widespread fuel shortages after the Colonial Pipeline company shut down operations for days.

The  bounty is offered for information which can lead to the “identification  or location of any individuals” in a leadership position with DarkSide.

A separate $5m bounty has been offered for information leading to the  arrest of persons “conspiring to participate” in a DarkSide ransomware  attack.

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