UN Warns G20 to Speed Up Climate Efforts

The United Nations told the world’s largest economies to ramp up net-zero commitments after a UN report found that their policy efforts are not enough to avert the climate crisis.

The annual UN emissions gap report released on Oct. 26 detailed how the Group of 20 (G20) countries—which consists of 19 major economies and the European Union—are not on track to meet climate goals for 2030 as planned in the 2015 Paris agreement.

With G20 countries accounting for about 75 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, the UN found that their inadequacies to act on their climate pledges have set the world on the path to a “catastrophic” 2.7C of warming.

The report noted that while there is evidence of progress, the transition to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy is not happening as fast as scientists say is needed to meet climate goals in the following years.

“If there is no meaningful reduction of emissions in the next decade, we will have lost forever the possibility of reaching 1.5C,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned.

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