UK Reports Record-Breaking Migrant Crossing from Channel

More than 1000 migrants have crossed the English Channel in just a day, breaking the record earlier in November.

“The number of illegal migrants we have seen departing from France today (Thursday) is unacceptable. The British public have had enough of seeing people die in the Channel while ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misery and our New Plan for Immigration will fix the broken system which encourages migrants to make this lethal journey,” said the Home Office spokesperson.

The UK Border force spotted the migrant ships carrying the 1,185 off the coast before escorting them to Dover for processing and aid. 

The French coastguard however reported that there may be three other migrants who were lost at sea after their kayaks drifted back to their side and rescued two who went overboard. 

There were also 99 other migrants who were turned back to France after they were immediately intercepted by the UK Border force nearing their waters.

“It is a brutal, life-threatening journey, especially in the worsening winter weather,” commented Jon Featonby, the refugee and asylum policy manager at British Red Cross.

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