Uber to Raise Rates in London by 10%

Uber will raise its prices in Greater London for the first time since 2017 in an effort to lure back drivers as transportation companies struggle to meet booming demand.

Uber prices in London will increase by 10 percent starting Nov. 11, while fares for airport trips during “peak time” will surge by 25 percent, the Evening Standard reported.

“We know people rely on Uber to book a safe trip around London and this small fare increase will help reduce wait times.” said an Uber spokesperson. “As always riders will get a fare estimate before booking their journey.”

Many Uber drivers have left the company after lockdowns dried up jobs, causing shortages in rides, longer waits and more surge pricing. The company aims to smooth down these issues by attracting around 20,000 drivers, especially as the lifting of lockdowns have pushed demand back up.

Uber had also recently began classing its drivers as employees instead of self-employed after a long court battle for drivers to receive labor benefits and pensions.

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