U.S. Senate Confirms First Korean American Woman as Federal Appeals Judge

The United States Senate confirmed Lucy Koh on Dec. 13 as the first Korean American woman to serve as a federal appeals judge.

Senators voted 50 to 45 to confirm Koh to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court.

Every Democrat voted for Koh while every Republican voted against her. Five Republicans missed the vote.

“While on the district court, Judge Koh has shown precisely what we expect of federal judges: an evenhanded, impartial administration of justice,” the Senate Judiciary Committee said.

Koh has served as a district judge for the Northern District of California since 2010.

Koh is also only the second Asian American woman to serve on the Ninth Circuit Court.

Senator Alex Padilla said ahead of the vote that Koh “brings to the bench the epitome of the American dream.”

“As the first Latino to represent California here in this Senate, I know the importance of diversity at all levels of government, and that includes the judiciary. Our country is stronger and fairer when we are guided by the voices and experiences of all of our people,” Padilla also said.

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