Twitter Bans Hacker who Allegedly Stole and Published Data of 45 million Argentinians

Twitter has banned the account of a hacker who claims to have stolen the ID card database of Argentina.

The account @aniballeaks said that it has the entire data of Registro Argentina’s Nacional de las Persona (RENAPER) or the National Registry of Persons.

Among the data stolen were believed to be ID card photos, full names, and processing numbers of at least 45 million Argentinians.

Even Argentinian President Alberto Fernández,  Lionel Messi, and Sergio Aguero were believed to be included in the database.

The alleged hacker was also said to have posted an ad on a Raidforums offering the said stolen data. 

Argentina admitted that a stolen password gave unauthorized access to RENAPER but denied that data had been breached. 

“After this preliminary analysis, the specialists confirmed, an unauthorized entry into the systems or a massive leak of data from the agency was ruled out outright,” said the Argentinian government. 

Renaper however has already formalized a criminal complaint before the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court last week that Ministry of Health images were leaked online. 

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