Texas ExxonMobil Refinery Explodes, Several Injured

This article was updated at 2021-12-23 12:47.
An explosion at an ExxonMobil oil refinery in Baytown, Texas left at least three people injured.

“Around 1 a.m. on 12/23/2021, a fire occurred at our facility. At this time, emergency vehicles and smoke may be noticeable to the community. We are coordinating with local officials, and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” said ExxonMobil.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that three of the injured in the accident were taken by Lifeflight and one by ambulance.

There are no evacuation or shelter in place orders that have been issued by alocaluthorities yet.

ExxonMobil Rohan Davis, said that all four injured are in stable condition and that all site staff have been accounted for.

ExxonMobil emergency personnel and local emergency services are still on the scene trying to put out the fire.

There is no official confirmation that the incident was an explosions but nearby residents tweeted experiencing shockwaves.

Editors Note: Story “TEXAS-REFINERY-BOOM” corrected on 23.12.2021 07:39. Prior version contained a typographic error in the headline.

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