Texan Man Sentenced for Attacking US Marshal with Hammer

This article was updated at 2021-12-14 17:05.
Texas resident Jacob Michael Gaines has been sentenced to 46 months in jail for assaulting a Deputy U.S. Marshal with a construction hammer during a July 2020 protest in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

“Mr. Gaines’ actions in July 2020 were intentional, dangerous, and could have severely injured or killed the Deputy U.S. Marshal who confronted him. His assault on a federal officer justifies the lengthy prison sentence imposed today,” said Scott Erik Asphaug, Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon.

Last July 11, 2020, Gaines was caught on camera using a hammer to break through a barricaded entrance at the federal courthouse and struck a US Marshal who came out to stop him.

The Marshal was struck three times but he managed to hold Gaines long enough so that his colleagues could arrest him. 

Gaines has been detained since his arrest the night of the incident while the  U.S. Marshals Service and Federal Protective Service investigated his case. 

Gaines was charged by criminal complaint with two counts of assaulting a federal officer with a deadly weapon and has only pleaded guilty to one. 

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