Spider-Man: No Way Home Nets $253m in U.S. and Canadian Ticket Sales, Ranks as the third-biggest Domestic Debut in Hollywood

The newest installment in the Marvel superhero franchise, Spider-Man: No Way Home, debuted to a pandemic-era record $253 million in the United States over the weekend.

According to studio estimations, it was the third-largest opening in history and the greatest since the coronavirus struck in early 2020.

The ticket sales, which quickly vaulted the film to the top of the year’s box office in the country, were a tremendous success for Sony Pictures.

Internationally, Sony reported that Spider-Man earned an additional $334.2 million from 60 international territories, bringing the film’s total take to $587.2 million.

Demand for the film was especially notable considering the recent spike in Covid-19 cases throughout the world, suggesting that individuals were willing to travel to the theater at a time when streaming has become the de facto alternative for millions.

Unlike many other films released this year, Spider-Man was only available in theaters, which meant that fans who wanted to watch the picture starring Zendaya and Tom Holland had to do it in person.

Rivals like Disney and Warner Brothers, on the other hand, have utilized several of their blockbuster releases to fuel demand for their streaming services, offering movies such as Dune and Black Widow online at or around the same time they were released in theaters.

Spider-Man was also popular at Imax, grossing $36.2 million worldwide in large-format auditoriums.

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