Spanish Police Foil Drug Christmas Raffle Plot

Spanish police have arrested two men who were allegedly trying to raffle off a Christmas basket full of drugs and a leg of cured ham.

In a statement published on Tuesday, police officers said they discovered the lottery when they raided a suspected drug den operated by two men in the eastern city of Murcia.

Police said the men were running a raffle to win a Christmas and New Year ‘narco-baskets’ containing cocaine, hash, alcohol, tobacco – and an 8kg of cured ham.

The police said they seized 165 marijuana plants and 33 halogen lamps used to grow the marijuana plants and “diverse quantities of cocaine and hashish,” including a kilo of chopped marijuana and more than 5kg of cannabis buds.

In Spain, it is common practice to give baskets of wine, ham, and sweets during the Christmas holidays, especially from companies to employees and clients.

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