Spanish Authorities Suspect the Forced Plane Landing Was Organized Illegal Migration

Spanish police are investigating whether a forced landing incident in Mallorca was an organized illegal migration group.

An Air Arabia plane bound to Istanbul from Casablanca had to make a forced landing after an alleged medical emergency was reported onboard.  

Instead of getting medical assistance in Mallorca, 21 out of the 150  plane passengers including the one who asked for medical assistance attacked the guardian civil onboard and suddenly exited the plane.

The fugitive passengers then jumped the airport fence before hiding out around the Island.

At least 12 of the 21 passengers have been found so far including the one who claimed to have had a medical emergency who was later found out to be healthy. 

According to Spanish Police, there was a deleted Facebook post last July 17 requesting 40 volunteers to join a plan to “rehearse” medical emergency on a plane and force it to land in Spain. 

“Nothing can be ruled out; they’d been at the airport for quite a while after the ill passenger was evacuated, there are statements pointing in different directions, and we cannot at this time confidently say why 21 people decided to rush off across the runways,” said Spanish delegate in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo.

Police are still questioning the fugitive passengers while 12 more passengers have not yet been found. 

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