South Korean Ship Capsizes, 6 Missing

South Korea’s ships and aircraft had been searching on its eastern coast on Thursday after a fishing ship capsized and six crew members were missing.

Of the nine crew members on the ship, two were rescued after one was discovered unconscious, and the other six were still missing. 

The 72-ton (65,317.3kg) ship was carrying nine crew members when it overturned Wednesday in waters roughly halfway between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. Four are Chinese, three are South Korean, and two are Indonesian.

After initial search operations were hampered by poor weather, rescuers retrieved one crew member from the capsized ship on Thursday morning. The individual’s identity was unknown at the time.

The coast guard said that it would continue searching for the crew members who had gone missing. 

As of Thursday morning, the coast guard said that ten ships, three helicopters, and two planes from South Korea were involved in the search, aided by a Japanese ship.

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