Sinovac Found to be Ineffective Against Omicron

Hong Kong researchers found that Sinovac Biotech, one of the most widely used vaccines worldwide, does not provide sufficient antibodies to neutralize the Omicron variant.

A statement from a team of researchers at the University of Hong Kong on Tuesday said that among a group of 25 people fully vaccinated with Sinovac, none showed sufficient antibodies in their blood serum to neutralize Omicron.

While in a separate group of 25 people fully vaccinated with the mRNA shot developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, five of them had neutralizing ability against the new variant, the scientists said.

The study of 50 people led by microbiologist Yuen Kwok Yung, a highly respected professor in infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong, has been accepted for publication in the medical journal Clinical Infectious Diseases and is available online as a pre-print.

Experts said that if Sinovac proved to be ineffective against the new variant Omicron in a more conclusive study, China would face the biggest threat as the majority of its people have been vaccinated with Sinovac.

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