Qatar Confirms First Four Cases of Omicron Variant

The Qatari Ministry of Public Health on Monday announced its first four cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

The ministry in a tweet called on the people to play their due role in the fight against the virus as the Omicron virus is the most highly transmissible variant.

Head of vaccination at the Qatari Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Soha al-Bayat said the new four cases were found during routine tests being conducted in people who returned to the country from abroad.

The four patients are in good health conditions, she said, and they are under quarantine.

Dr. al-Bayat said Covid-19 cases could likely rise because people are not abiding by the precautionary and preventive measures, even not putting on a mask.

“No one is caring about social distancing – they are still hugging each other in the traditional way,” Dr. al-Bayat said, expressing concern that such carelessness could cause surge in new cases.

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