Polish Guard Skull Fractured after Altercation with Migrants at Poland-Belarus Border

Skirmishes have broken out between Polish security forces and the migrants that have massed on the Kuznica border crossing and left one police officer with a fractured skull.

“Unfortunately – as a result of an attack by people inspired by the Belarusian side, one of the policemen was seriously injured, he is currently being given help, an ambulance takes the policeman to the hospital, it is likely that the skull bone fractured after being hit by an object,” said the Polish police.

The migrants were also shown on video throwing rocks towards the police barricades while water cannons were deployed to keep them at bay.

The migrants were also shown trying to destroy fences and attempting to cut through barbed wire using improvised tools such as a battering ram made from a tree trunk.

The Polish government has not yet expressed any intent to let the migrants through while Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak commended the national security forces for standing their ground.

“Thank you to the soldiers for stopping today’s assault. Thanks to you, Poland is still safe. All soldiers currently serving on the border will receive special financial rewards. We are grateful to you!,” said Błaszczak.

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