Poland Sends an Ultimatum to Belarus

Poland has sent an ultimatum to Belarus threatening that it would close the border for freight trains if the migrant situation has not stabilized by November 21.

The ultimatum was sent by Poland’s commander-in-chief of the Border Guard Maj. Gen. SG Tomasz Praga and was sent to the chairman of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus, General Anatoly Lappo.

“In the event of no response to this appeal, Poland will suspend the operation of the railway border crossing located there,” said the ultimatum

According to the ultimatum, Polish security personnel has already been hurt from skirmishes with the migrants, and that Belarusian forces were not doing anything to prevent violence from escalating on their side. 

“Poland, fearing for the safety of railway traffic taking place there and the risk of a related disaster, will suspend rail traffic through the border crossing in Kuznica,” explained the ultimatum.

Since November 9, all traffic in Kuznica has been closed off after migrants started massing from Belarus while trains are the only form of transportation that is able to pass. 

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