Pentagon Probe Deems Kabul Civilian Drone Strike Non-Negligent

An internal Pentagon review found no misconduct over a US drone attack in Kabul that killed civilians instead of an ISIS-K member. 

US Air Force Lieutenant General Sami Said said “execution errors”, including “confirmation bias” and “communication breakdowns”, contributed to the deadly attack during the final days of the chaotic Kabul evacuation. 

“It was an honest mistake. But it’s not criminal conduct, random conduct, negligence,” Said said.

The US launched a drone strike at a white car believed to have belonged to a potential ISIS-K bomber killing ten Afghan citizens, including seven children but no terrorist member.

“The intended target of the strike – the vehicle, the white Corolla – its contents were genuinely assessed at the time to be a threat to US forces” based on an “interpretation of intelligence” that turned out to be inaccurate, Said added.

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the conclusion of the Pentagon review did not provide the families and the Nutrition and Education International (NEI) with the “meaningful transparency and accountability for the wrongful killing of their loved ones” that they have been demanding.

“Family members and NEI employees that have been impacted are at high risk as a result of the US government’s actions. They must urgently be evacuated to ensure their safety,” the ACLU added. 

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