Paris Hilton Urges Reform on U.S. Youth Treatment Centers

Paris Hilton has urged for federal-level reform on governing youth care facilities in the United States, alleging that she suffered abuse as a teenager in a Utah boarding school for troubled teens.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur and socialite called on the Congress and the Biden administration to pass a legislation that would make sweeping changes in youth treatment centers to prevent the abuse of children and to protect their rights.

“The multibillion-dollar troubled-teen industry has been able to mislead parents, school districts, child welfare agencies and juvenile justice systems for decades. The reason is a systemwide lack of transparency and accountability,” Hilton said at press conference on Capitol Hill on Oct. 20.

Hilton said that the Accountability for Congregate Care Act would provide the protections and support children in the facility need “to heal, rise, and not just survive.”

“It’s clear that the state-by-state patchwork of limited, weak oversight, and inconsistent licensing requirements is not working. Federal law and funding are desperately needed to bring real reform and true accountability to congregate care in America,” Hilton added.

Hilton also attended a panel discussion later in the evening with other alleged survivors. She also wrote an opinion article on the Washington Post on Oct. 18 to call for the reform and to speak about the abuse she endured.

Hilton went to the Provo Canyon School at the age of 17 for 11 months and she alleged that she was slapped, spied on while showering, and deprived of sleep.

In a media statement last August, the Provo institution said they have been under new ownership since 2000 and “therefore cannot comment on the operations or student experience prior to that time.”

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