Morocco Issues Travel Restrictions to and from UK and Netherlands over Rising COVID-19 Cases

The Government of Morocco has issued a ban on flights to and from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands over concerns on the increasing number of COVID-19 infections.

Travel restrictions will remain in place “until further notice,” the Moroccan National Office of Airports stated.

The travel restrictions will impact people in the UK who planning to travel to the popular tourist location.

Morocco’s travel restrictions come as the UK is dealing with a rising number of new COVID-19 infections.  

The UK has recorded more than 40,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, and the highest single-day coronavirus death count since March 2021.

The UK is reporting more COVID-19 infections than France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined.

Morocco’s move has left UK and Dutch citizens stuck and struggling to find alternative travel arrangements via other countries not currently restricted.

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