More Bomb Threats Reported at MIT, NYU, and USC

The bomb threat at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Thursday is the latest in a series of similar threats made against schools and universities, such as NYC and USC, in the previous week.

The warning forced the evacuation of students and personnel from a campus facility, but a search by MIT police revealed no indication of a threat. 

On Thursday, similar threats were made against the University of Southern California, New York University, and Hebrew Union College, all of which were proved to be untrue.

Almost comparable incidents have occurred at schools around the United States in the previous week.

More than a half-dozen colleges were warned of explosive devices on campus beginning Thursday, Nov. 5, with one institution being warned of someone attacking the school with automatic weapons.

However, none of the threats were credible. Students and faculty at four Ivy League colleges, as well as three more in Ohio, received a barrage of notifications warning of potential assaults. They evacuated buildings and waited in limbo for hours, only to have the claims again disproved.

Last Friday, Yale University evacuated ten buildings after New Haven and Yale police reacted to a report saying 40 explosives had been planted throughout campus. Five hours later, police determined that the threat lacked credibility.

Over the span of several hours on Sunday afternoon, students’ phones at Cornell University were continuously pinged with a total of 22 alerts.  The event concluded with no threat to the college discovered despite the flood of notifications.

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives may be examining the list of occurrences simultaneously, according to police, who informed the Boston Globe last week.

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