Migrant Crisis: Britain-France Blames Each Other for Doing Little

A number of migrants had recently crossed to Britain from the French coast, adding to the strains between the two countries. Reportedly, a total of 1,185 migrants crossed Britain, a new record that smashed the previous daily high of 853.

Britain has termed the influx of the migrants as unacceptable blaming Paris for it – in an unusually blunt criticism, Paris on Monday called out on England, telling London to stop giving lessons on migrants.

“Britain is in no position to be giving lessons to us,” French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told Cnews television ahead of talks with his Britain counterpart Priti Patel later on Monday.

Britain “should stop using us as a punch-ball in their domestic politics,” he added.

It was the fault of the British government that so many migrants wanted to cross the Channel, he furthered.

As many as 14,100 people have crossed the Channel to Britain on small boats this year, according to Britain media.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had recently said that his country must use every possible tactic to halt the “vile trade” of traffickers bringing numbers of migrants inside the country.

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