Man Dies After Being Gored at Bull-Running Festival in Spain

A 55-year-old man died on Oct. 30 after being gored at a bull-running festival in the eastern Spanish town of Onda.

The bull repeatedly attacked the man at the Fira de Onda festival, puncturing an artery in the man’s left thigh with its horns.

The man also suffered a head injury and was brought to a hospital in the nearby town of Villareal where he was pronounced dead after losing too much blood, according to authorities.

The town’s council said it had cancelled all bull-running events during the festival, but other activities would continue.

The man’s death was the first fatality of its kind since similar events have resumed in Spain, where the practice is part of the country’s culture, following relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Injuries are common in bull-running events, where the same bulls are generally later used for bull fights.

Public debate on whether bull-running festivals should be abolished has increased in Spain in recent years, following serious injuries in previous events and citing animal abuse.

Bull runs are also held in France and Portugal.

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