Malaysia Threatens to Terminate Unvaccinated Government Employees

Government officials in Malaysia warned unvaccinated civil servants that they could be subjected to disciplinary action or termination of service if they failed to complete the COVID-19 vaccination before the beginning of November.

“On or after November 1, 2021, any officer who fails to comply with the head of department’s instructions may result in disciplinary action or termination of service,” a circular signed by Public Service Department (PSD) Director-General Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman .

The PSD however, added that employees who were not fit to get the COVID vaccine due to health reasons would need to undergo a medical check-up.

“Officers are responsible for obtaining a complete COVID-19 immunization as prescribed by the government. This is to ensure a safe work environment and (that) service delivery, as well as public service productivity, are at an optimal level,” the circular further stated.

Earlier, experts said that mandatory vaccination was the way forward to manage COVID-19 as the country enters the endemic phase.

Malaysian Public Health Physicians Association President Datuk Dr. Zainal Ariffin Omar said the government has to decide whether to continue with voluntary or mandatory vaccination.

If the government’s final objective of herd immunity was “total protection to reduce the country’s social and financial burden of Covid-19 patients and prevent further epidemics, we should opt for a vaccine mandate. And the rakyat is ready for that,” Dr. Zainal said

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