La Palma Stops Volcanic Activity

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma remained silent for a second day on Wednesday, raising hopes the eruption is nearing its end after three months.

Geologist Ruben Lopez from the Spanish geographical institute said that perhaps it is the end of the La Palma volcanic eruption as “the seismicity is very weak, the deformation is zero, the tremor is zero.”

However, authorities warned the next few days would be crucial as it is not uncommon for volcanoes to resume expelling lava.

The eruption response committee said that “the recorded and observable data must remain at current levels for 10 days” to confirm that the eruption is finally over.

“The best thing to do is not to give false hopes, for example in the 1949 eruption, it stopped for several days, and several days later, it got reactivated,” geologist Eumenio Ancoechea said.

The eruption, which sent rivers of molten rock down the slopes of Cumbre Vieja for weeks and expanded the size of the island by more than 48 hectares, is the longest on La Palma since the 16th century.

Authorities have evacuated thousands of people and recorded over 2,900 buildings destroyed and the island’s main livelihood, banana plantations, devastated.

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