Kyrgyzstan Warns of Mass Omicron Variant Infection

Kyrgyzstan Health Minister, Alymkadyr Beishenaliev warned of massive Omicron variant infections, describing it as very different from other COVID-19 strains in terms of contamination as it spreads very quickly and massively.

According to Beishenaliev, one positive COVID-19 patient among 20 people can transfer the virus to two or three people upon contact, while Omicron disease could transmit to everyone.

“First, the infection is very fast, and secondly, it’s a new virus. The only thing is, we are afraid that due to the rapid infection we will get mass infection within three to four days, and the health workers will not have time to help,” said Beishenaliev

An official of the World Health Organization, David Nabarro has expressed concern about the spread rate of the new Omicron COVID-19 strain as the number of new infections grew every 2-3 days.

“This means that the situation will be eight times more serious in a week and 40 times more serious in two weeks,” said Nabarro.

Nabarro added that he believes that even if the Omicron is less lethal, the sheer number of cases will still overwhelm the healthcare system.

Earlier, Beishenaliev spoke about 100 percent perpetrations in the country’s health care system in case a new Omicron strain is detected.

Kyrgyzstan registered 184,218 positive cases of COVID-19, while 2,784 related deaths and 179,311 recoveries since the outbreak of the virus in the country.

Beishenalieve also said they have begun to independently identify COVID-19 mutations as previously they sent tests to Novosibirsk, a city in Russia, every week and wait for 10 days for its result.

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