Kazakhstan Claims Direct Access to Facebook Content System, Meta Denies

Facebook owner Meta has denied a recently issued “joint statement” from Kazakhstan claiming that the social media platform has granted Kazakh authorities access to its content system.

Kazakhstan and Meta have received online backlash for what seemed to be a censorship attempt after the former released a supposed joint statement with the tech giant, announced that they were partnering to monitor Facebook content deemed illegal by Kazakhstan.

“Facebook has provided Kazakhstan direct and exclusive access to Facebook’s ‘Content Reporting System’ (CRS) which can help the government to report content that may violate Facebook’s global content policy and local laws of Kazakhstan,” the Kazakh government said on Nov. 1.

However, Meta spokesperson Ben McConaghy said that the company follows a single global process — “independent from any government” — to assess content.

“This process is the same in Kazakhstan as it is for other countries around the world,” McConaghy wrote in an email to Reuters.

The Kazakh statement quoted Facebook’s public policy director George Chen, saying: “Facebook is delighted to work with the Government of Kazakhstan together, particularly in the aspect of online safety for children.”

Meta has not yet published any statement regarding the Kazakhstan agreement.

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