Israeli Man Plummets to His Death From Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ground crew member plummeted to his death on Tuesday morning in Balfouria, Israel. 

The victim, Yogev Cohen, 28-years old of Kibbutz Yizre’el, was hanging from the bottom of the hot air balloon’s gondola after the the aircraft took off.  

Cohen plummeted about 330 feet landing on a car that was driving by, The balloon’s 12 passengers, and the car’s driver, were unharmed. 

The balloon landed safely following the incident.

According to local police Cohen was part of a three person ground crew, who for an unknown reason held onto the bottom of the balloon gondola as the inflated balloon took off.

Israel’s Transportation Ministry’s chief air safety investigator indicated that the incident is under investigation.

Cohen was employed by a local hot air balloon operator.

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