Hungary to Defy EU Court Ruling on Migration Policy, Prime Minister Viktor Orban Says

Hungary will not change its controversial immigration laws despite a ruling from the top court of the European Union (EU), Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a press conference on Dec. 21.

“We will not do anything to change the system of border protection. We will maintain the existing regime, even if the European court ordered us to change it,” Orban said.

In November, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that a 2018 Hungarian bill on migration was in breach of European law.

The legislation prevents people from applying for asylum if they came from a country where their life was not at risk and it outlaws lawyers and activists who help asylum seekers.

The Court said that Orban’s nationalist government had a “failed to fulfill its obligations” under EU law when it passed the bill.

But Orban said on Dec. 21 that EU rules were “obsolete” in the face of “massive migration” since 2016.

“The reality is that we have to stop the migrants at the borders,” Orban said.

“We will not change it and will not let anyone in,” Orban also said.

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