Hong Kong Grade Schoolers Forced to Watch Graphic Nanjing Massacre Video

A Hong Kong primary school has given a public apology after kids as young as six years old were left in tears last week when instructors showed them disturbing video footage of the Nanjing massacre ahead of its 84th anniversary on Monday.

The film viewing was held after the Education Bureau issued a guideline last month for local schools to do commemorative activities for the killing.

According to local media sources, the Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen primary school presented videos of executions and bodies from the Nanjing massacre to its youngest students during a moral and civic education session.

The five-minute film, taken from an RTHK program on the massacre, shows Japanese forces murdering civilians as well as mounds of bodies, including newborns. The video clip was included in the Education Bureau’s proposed teaching materials for the atrocity commemoration.

The school went on to say that it will continue to take students’ sentiments into account as it conducted national identity and civic duty teaching.

Hong Kong’s Education Bureau attempted to disassociate itself from the incident and claimed that schools were not required to present the submitted information to their full cohort. 

The Education Board added that when teaching kids about conflict, teachers should use their professional judgment and give appropriate counsel.

The Board added that the video was publicly available and that there were warnings that the visuals would be upsetting to some viewers.

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