Hackers Leak Sensitive Israeli Defense Forces Data

A hacker group called “Moses Staff” claimed to have stolen private data of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, including the Israeli defense minister’s photos, in a cyberattack on the military’s servers early this week.

The stolen files, including a 2010 letter from Gantz to the deputy chief of the joint chiefs of staff and chief of intelligence in the Jordanian Armed Forces, were published on the hacker’s website.

According to the group, the stolen files contained personal information on IDF soldiers and other Defense Ministry personnel, including names, phone numbers, home addresses, and ID numbers.

The group added they have access to other confidential documents, including reports, operational maps, information about soldiers and units, letters, and correspondence, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“We are going to publish this information to aware [sic] all the world about the Israeli authorities’ crimes,” Moses Staff warned.

Meanwhile, the National Cyber Directorate said it has repeatedly warned that hackers were exploiting potential vulnerabilities in Microsoft software to attack organizations.

“We call upon organizations to implement the latest critical updates that Microsoft has released to deal with these weaknesses, which is a simple, free update that can reduce the risk of this kind of attack,” the Cyber Directorate said.

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