German Police Injured During Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests in Mannheim

German Federal Police reported that six of officers were hurt during the mass anti-COVID restriction protests in Mannheim.

According to the police, protesters started gathering at around 6:30 p.m. local time at the Mannheim water tower.

Police reportedly told the protesters to disperse and go home but continued to gather before pressing on to the streets. 

Footage from the scene shows several people gathering in the city while numerous police officers conduct patrols and barricades. 

The almost 2000-strong protesters then tried to get past the barriers and clashed with riot police. 

“A total of six police officers were injured in the course of the evening,” said the police. 

The protesters dispersed after police sent in reinforcements and broke off into smaller groups.

Police arrested 120 people who allegedly refused to comply with police orders while 121 were charged with violations of the law of assembly.

The protest was believed to be organized by the Querdenker movement on the encrypted Telegram chat app.

German Justice Minister Marco Bushman said he wants to take action against the messenger service Telegram because it was being used to organize illegal protests. 

“What is spread on Telegram is disgusting, indecent, and criminal,” said Bushman. 

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