Former Albanian Prosecutor Arrested in Italy

Albanian police confirmed that Italian authorities have arrested Albania’s former chief prosecutor Adriatik Lalla in Italy.

Police said communications between the Interpol offices of Albania and Italy made the arrest possible.

Last May, a local tribunal sentenced Llalla to two years in prison for not declaring his real wealth in asset declarations.

The court ruled that Llalla “could not explain” where he got the money which was estimated to be around one million euros to buy his assets.

Llalla claimed the charges against him were politically motivated while his lawyer requested a suspension of his sentence for health reasons. 

Llalla had served as General Prosecutor from 2012 to 2017 and was the most senior public official sentenced by the Special Court for Corruption and Organised Crime, an institution established in 2019 as part of Albania’s rocky efforts to clean up its graft-plagued judiciary.

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