Fake Italian Gynecologist Victimizes 400 Women with Telemedicine Scam

Italian police have raided the house of a fake gynecologist who managed to trick and record at least 400 women into performing vaginal swabs during video calls.

The fake doctor reportedly contacted hundreds of women on the phone anonymously to harass them and claimed that they had to perform an online vaginal exam because they had serious vaginal infections.

The fake doctor lived in Bari but victimized women from all over Italy including Lazio to Lombardia and Calabria.

“He introduced himself as a doctor. He knew my date and place of birth and asked me if I had done a gynecological check-up in recent months. He asked increasingly personal questions… then requested a video call via Zoom or Hangout… (and) asked me to show my private parts to confirm the diagnosis,” said one victim.

Authorities started investigating the cases after a 24-year-old victim from Salento gave a viral testimony on Instagram.

The fake gynecologist’s home was later found after Police started wiretapping his conversations with victims.

Police in the southern city of Bari seized several smartphones and memory cards.

There is no information if the suspect has been arrested but police said that the victims’ information was taken from consulting portals of online sales announcements.

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