Cyberattack Cripples Iranian Smart Fuel Stations

A cyberattack has paralyzed the Iranian smart fuel distribution network and caused massive transport disruptions.

“The disruption at the refueling system of gas stations… in the past few hours, was caused by a cyberattack.Technical experts are fixing the problem and soon the refueling process…will return to normal,” said Iranian state broadcaster IRIB. 

Regular fuel sales however were not affected because smart fuel centers only offer cheaper rationed gasoline and could only be used by smart card holders. 

Photos on Twitter have shown the alleged smart fuel pumps displaying “Cyber Attack, 64411” and claimed that the number referenced the office number of  Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

There were also videos showing electronic street signs that were allegedly hacked to say “Khamenei! Where is our gas?  Free gas at the Jamaran gas station.”

There are no groups yet that have taken responsibility for the attack while the Iranian government has not yet blamed anyone. 

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