BTS Suga Used Rage as His ‘Weapon’ and Promises to be in the Band ’Until he Dies’

Suga, a well-known rapper and member of BTS, revealed in a Vogue interview how wrath directed him with his first mixtape, and how he eventually realized that he couldn’t use that energy to progress further in his career.

“I was someone who made rage and my inferiority complex into my weapons but I think it was around 2018 when my self-destructive rage started to lose its effect,” Suga said.

When asked what he has earned in the last eight years, he replied “happiness,” explaining that it is not material items that bring him delight, but rather tiny things. However, when asked what he had lost, he said, “normalcy.”

In terms of the future, he stated that he believes he would remain in BTS “until he dies” as he noted that he adores BTS.

The 2020 pandemic proved difficult for BTS members. Jimin, another member of BTS, told Vogue that two years was longer than he imagined and that he had reached a ‘plateau’ since he couldn’t perform on stage or hear feedback from the crowd. “Everything felt unreal and like a rehearsal, even when I worked hard,” Jimin said.

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