Bahrain Launches First Satellite In Cooperation With UAE

The Kingdom of Bahrain on Tuesday announced the successful launch of its first satellite, “Light-1”, which will monitor and study terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGRs) from thunderstorms and cumulus clouds.

Bahrain’s Chief Executive Officer of the National Space Science (NSSA), Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Aseeri, said the “First Light” book, Light-1 is the outcome of the ongoing cooperation between Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in space science, technology and engineering.

“Light-1 took off today, at 13:00 Bahraini time, onboard a SpaceX CRS-24 flight on board of a Falcon 9 rocket, heading towards the International Space Station (ISS),” Al-Aseeri added.

Al-Aseeri affirmed that “Light 1” is a first step towards achieving a greater national ambition of placing the Kingdom of Bahrain among the leading countries in the space sector.

Al-Aseeri said that this project reflects Bahraini competencies’ tireless efforts to raise the national flag in many fields.

“Bahrain’s space team consists of a group of youth national cadres specialized in advanced technology, such as electrical and mechanical engineering, communication, electronics and programming,” Al-Aseeri added.

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