Afghan Women Protest For Rights to Education, Job

Several women held protests in Kabul to demand their right to learn and seek employment under Taliban rule.

Some protesters also criticized the international community’s silence on the current situations of the Afghan women after the Taliban denied them their right to work as well as to proper education.

The participants hold placards demanding “women get political posts” also chanted “food, careers and freedom” during their march in the Kabul streets.

A protester, Shahera Kohistan, 28, said that they can’t live in fear. “Fear is always here, but we have to fight against our fear,” she said.

The Taliban, who took control of Afghanistan on 15 August following the 0international military withdrawal, have banned public protests unless it should be coordinated with the ministry of justice.

The women said despite being permitted to protest still they were feared that they might face violent behavior by the Taliban street armed forces.

However, Kohistan said they continued their street rally but the Taliban forces did not interrupt them.

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