Afghan Protestors Call on US to Release Afghanistan’s Frozen Assets

Afghan protesters launched demonstrations in Kabul demanding the release of billions of dollars of assets frozen by the US to prevent the economic collapse of the country.

A few hundred people rallied towards the empty US embassy in downtown Kabul city, carrying placards read as “Give us our frozen money” and “Let us eat.”

Taliban took control of Afghanistan in mid-August and since then the international community insisted on the formation of an inclusive government. The world has not yet recognized the Taliban government until now.

Among the conditions to release more than 9 billion dollars from the Afghan central bank is that the Taliban should form such a government to be acceptable to all Afghans, with the participation of Afghan women in government structures.

The Taliban regime is suffering financially and is unable to provide basic services with millions of Afghans losing their main source of income.

Earlier, a World Food Program (WFP) survey showed that an estimated 98 percent of Afghans are not eating enough, with seven in 10 families resorting to borrowing food, which pushes them deeper into poverty.

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