26 Percent of Kuwaitis Paid a Bribe in Government Offices: Report

A survey conducted by the Kuwait’s Anti-corruption Authority (Nazaha) revealed that more than a quarter of Kuwaiti people have been asked to give a bribe in order to process their government transactions.

Another 92 percent of the participants had expressed concern that bribery is growing in various government departments.

Many public employees in Kuwait are abusing their power, according to Nazaha’s survey. There are several companies that were asked to pay bribes in order to get their government procedure done, the survey added.

Moreover, Al Qabas, a Kuwaiti newspaper, said the Nazaha’s report has revealed that some government offices have failed to combat corruption and are not committed to do so.

In August, the chairman of Kuwait Economic Society, Abdul Wahab Al Rasheed said that $4 billion is being lost annually to corruption.

Al Rasheed said the financial crisis gives Kuwait three options – resorting to public debt, direct withdrawal from the reserves of the Future Generations Fund, or both.

Al Rasheed had emphasized for a real economic reform unless the consequences will be very serious, as the budget deficit in 2035 is expected to reach about 200 billion dinars (approximately $665 billion).

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