Afghan Drone Strike Survivors Angry About Absence of Troop Sanctions, Still Awaiting Relocation

The survivors of a US drone strike that killed 10 members of a family, expressed frustration that troops involved in the attack will not face disciplinary action.

The Pentagon called the August 29 strike a “tragic mistake” that targeted a vehicle belonging to Zemerai Ahmadi, killing him and nine relatives, including seven children.

Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby said no US service members involved in the mistake will be punished, but reassured that the US is still ready to pay financial compensation to the Ahmadi family and potentially get them out of Afghanistan.

Those who were behind the airstrike must be punished, Emal Ahmadi, who lost his 3-year-old daughter Malika in the airstrike, demanded.

The errant strike came days after Islamic State claimed responsibility for Kabul Airport bombings in which 13 US troops and nearly 170 Afghans were killed and hundreds more wounded.

The bloody incident occurred during the evacuation process of vulnerable Afghans days after the collapse of the western-backed government to the Taliban.

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