South Korean Corruption Scandal Suspect Found Dead

South Korean Police reported that the head of a regional city development company Pocheon Urban Corp, allegedly connected to a massive development corruption scandal, was found dead near his home Friday in an apparent suicide

Authorities said they found the body of Yoo Han-gi, who was reported missing by his family early Friday. 

According to the police, Yoo left home after leaving a will.

Yoo had been under investigation for corruption charges connected to a lucrative apartment development project scandal in Seongnam, south of Seoul.

Earlier this week, prosecutors requested an arrest warrant for Yoo for receiving 200 million won ($167,000) in bribes from key partners connected to the asset management firm, Hwacheon Daeyu, which handled the project in 2015. 

However, Yoo’s family filed a report that he was missing after leaving behind a will.

The main opposition, People Power Party (PPP), has renewed its calls for a special counsel investigation into the Seongnam development scandal on Friday.

The PPP claimed that Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, the 2015 Seongnam mayor, was the mastermind of the corruption scandal.

“This is what happens when the No. 1 architect is left alone, and only those around him are investigated,” PPP Chairman Lee Jun-seok said.

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