Iraq, Peshmerga Forces Launch Military Operations Against ISIS

The Iraqi and Peshmerga forces have launched a joint military operation in east of Kirkuk Governorate between Erbil and Baghdad to combat and wipe out ISIS militants.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell in a statement on Wednesday said the aim of the joint operation is to dry up the sources of terrorism and to chase out ISIS elements.

An official told Shafaq News Agency that brigades of the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army carried out military operations to “comb” and “clean” large areas of the Kifri and Kolgo axis adjacent to the disputed areas.

The joint military operation came at a time when ISIS militants
recently attacked a village in the Makhmour region, in which three villagers and 10 Kurdish soldiers were killed.

Makhmour is considered a hotbed for terrorist organizations that often attack Kurdish forces, Iraqi forces, and civilians.

In the latest attack on Sunday, ISIS militants killed four Peshmerga soldiers and a civilian and wounded six other people in the Qara Salem village in northern Iraq.

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