Travis Scott Files Motion to Dismiss Astroworld Civil Lawsuits

Travis Scott has filed his first legal response to the claims filed against him in connection with his Astroworld festival, which killed ten people and wounded many more.

According to Scott’s team, the rapper filed a broad rejection to accusations in a complaint brought by a festival-goer named Jessie Garcia in a document submitted on December 6.

Scott requested that the matter be dismissed with prejudice, meaning it could not be raised again.

Attorneys filed the petition on Scott’s behalf, as well as Jack Enterprises, Cactus Jack Foundations, Cactus Jack Records, and Cactus Jack Studios.

Scott has filed 11 responses to Astroworld cases, rejecting charges and asking for dismissals.

Other defendants, including Live Nation and ScoreMore, a company owned by Live Nation that promoted Astroworld, and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, which owns Astroworld venue NRG Park, made similar filings today denying allegations but did not seek dismissals.

The developments emerge as attorneys on both sides try to combine the rising number of current cases (275 at this time) against Scott and festival organizers into a single case that would represent at least 1,250 plaintiffs.

Scott stated that he was ignorant of “the gravity of the situation” during the performance and attempted to halt the concert when he noticed individuals in distress.

Scott also offered to pay for the funerals of the 10 people who died during the festival, which half of their families turned down.

According to the claims, Scott and other Astroworld organizers were irresponsible in their planning, which led to fatalities and injuries.

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