EU Working to Open Joint Diplomatic Mission in Afghanistan

French President Emmanuel Macron said that several European countries are working on opening up a joint diplomatic mission in Afghanistan that would enable their ambassadors to return to the country.

 “We are thinking of an organization between several European countries… a common location for several Europeans, which would allow our ambassadors to be present,” Macron told reporters in Doha, Qatar.

“This is a different demarche than a political recognition or political dialogue with the Taliban … we will have a representation as soon as we can open,” he said, adding that they still needed to iron out security issues.

In a statement following talks with the Taliban a week ago, the European Union also suggested it could open a mission soon.

“The EU delegation underlined that the possibility of establishing a minimal presence on the ground in Kabul, which would not entail recognition, will directly depend on the security situation, as well as on effective decisions by the de facto authorities to allow the EU to ensure adequate protection of its staff and premises,” it said.

The US, European countries and some others in the region shut their embassies and withdrew their diplomats and other staff after Taliban took over Afghanistan in August following US forces withdrawal from the country.

The Taliban declared an interim government and are asking world countries to engage in Afghanistan and recognize their government.

However, the US, and EU say they are not in a hurry to do so until the Taliban fulfill its commitments to form an inclusive government and uphold the rights of women and minority.

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