Five Arrested in Kuwait for Alleged Hezbollah Financing

Kuwaiti authorities said they have arrested five suspects for their alleged role in financing Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese group.

Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Qabas” reported that the number of defendants in the Hezbollah financing case in Kuwait is increasing, and there may be new names involved.”

The news of the arrest was made while a month ago, 18 people were arrested on the same charges.

According to the unnamed source, “five new people were arrested in this case, bringing the total number to 23 accused, 12 of whom will continue in prison until later this month.”

Investigations are underway with other defendants to infer their relationship with the accused but the case was classified as a state security issue.

The arrested men have denied the allegations, the paper quoted them as saying, stressing that their role is limited to charitable work.

“We don’t fund Hezbollah,” the paper quoted them.

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