De Santis Proposes Re-establishing the Florida State Guard

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed re-establishing the Florida State Guard, a civilian volunteer force that would be solely under the state’s command.

According to DeSantis, “the Florida State Guard will further support those emergency response efforts in the event of a hurricane, natural disasters, and other state emergencies.”

The re-establishment of the state guard would require $3.5 million that would be part of the more than $100 million funding proposal he recently outlined. 

The Florida State Guard was last active in 1947 and did tasks such as guarding infrastructure, protecting against sabotage, calming riots, or aiding law enforcement.

Under Florida law, the Governor is allowed to” maintain a state force necessary to assist the civil authorities in maintaining law and order.”

There are currently 22 state guards active in the United States. 

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